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Preorder Puzzle & Dragons For Nintendo 3DS At Nintendo UK Store And Get Mario Soft Toy

Rikki Robertson-Brown:

Well they got rid of the club shop so why not give away stuff?!

Originally posted on My Nintendo News:


The Nintendo UK Store has been great recently for offering special pre-order bonuses when you order an upcoming exclusive. This time around the online store is offering a free Mario soft toy if you pre-order Puzzle & Dragons Z and Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros Edition. Not a bad incentive to pre-order, so if you want the Mario soft toy be sure to place a pre-order.

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Transcend Demo Out Now

Originally posted on Chris Nazario's design blog:

This weekend marked a milestone in development for Transcend, we got a demo up and running on Google Play Store.  You need a either a Moga controller for your device in order to play the game or if you know how to hook up a PS3 or an Xbox controller to your phone or tablet.  We have been developing this game for the NVIDIA Shield and we were told to push it to the limits.  We had to update the graphics, both in code and in the art department.  Given that the development team is 2 people, this is a big milestone to hit in a few months.  There are a lot of things that will change, but I want this to be an inspiration to people looking to create something.  You don’t have to have a huge team of people to get something done.  We have 2…

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Website Updated With New Screenshots And Artwork

Rikki Robertson-Brown:

Ohhh pretty… Still looks like FF

Originally posted on My Nintendo News:

xenoblade_chronicles_3d_artworkMonolith Soft has updated the official website for its upcoming Wii U game, Xenoblade Chronicles X, with a slew of new screenshots and artwork. Exclusive to New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will launch on April 2nd in Europe and April 10th in North America. The upcoming remake invites players to explore vast landscapes and beat down foes in battles that blend real-time action with RPG strategy. It introduces a new model viewer, which allows you to look over animated models of both enemies and allies. For more on Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, be sure to check out our review.

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A detailed look at the video game level design in ‘Super Mario 3D World’

Rikki Robertson-Brown:

Cheers guys. Go Team Yellow.

Originally posted on TEAM YELLOW:

Pocket Gamer editor Mark Brown takes a detailed look at the video game level design in Super Mario 3D World to explain the four-step design process.

Super Mario 3D World is a game of excess and abundance. But Nintendo has developed a reusable level design structure that allows for ideas to be properly taught and established, in about five minutes flat.

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Plot Corridors in Batman: Arkham Asylum

Rikki Robertson-Brown:

What a fantastical article. Brilliantly written and I was hooked. We do need more dynamic play which will add replay value as well as add to the experience of the entire game.
Thank you for sharing, really is great.

Originally posted on A.L. Brown's Game Blog:

Video games sometimes have difficulty telling a good story because of the necessities of what a game must do to be a game. By giving the player choices, game plots can approach levels of depth and complication that plots in old media could only imagine; when presented with three choices on where to go to solve the current plot issue, prioritizing one option over the others must necessarily have consequences, or else the choice becomes superficial and arbitrary, the player feels their impact on the game is minimal, and the plot remains essentially static and linear. The downside to this is that game plots can easily break down as game designers fail to handle all the ramifications of the player’s choices; what would be the impact in choosing to leave either Ashley or Kaidan to die on Virmire if both characters were identical and the plot proceeded the same regardless…

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It Seems The European Release Dates For Splatoon And Yoshi’s Wooly World Have Been Leaked

Rikki Robertson-Brown:

Ahhh – 26th June it is then.

Originally posted on My Nintendo News:


It seems as though someone has uploaded a number of European release dates on the Nintendo Europe servers. There’s release dates for Splatoon and also Yoshi’s Woolley World among others. Splatoon is listed as arriving in Europe on May 29th, which could be the same for North America. The wonderful Yoshi’s Woolley World is listed on the site and is coming to Europe on June 26th.

Thanks, KillBill

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Nintendo Reveals Some New Details About Splatoon And Its Various Game Modes

Rikki Robertson-Brown:

The very moment I saw this, I thought WOW. Now as time goes on I can see the Ninty goodness has a firm hold on this title.

Originally posted on My Nintendo News:

Nintendo’s upcoming third-person action shooter game for the Wii U console, combines elements of shooting, strategy and action – and original new characters, Inklings, that can instantaneously transform between human and squid form. Splatoon gives players the goal of covering as much territory as possible with their ink-spewing weapons. The game, which is scheduled to launch in May, features four-on-four online team matches, as well as a full single-player mode that takes players deeper into the game’s unique world and characters.

The game’s main online mode is Turf War, in which players with broadband Internet access can compete head-to-head in four-on-four teams to try to cover as much territory as possible in their team’s ink. As they do battle, players will gain levels and earn in-game currency that allows them to customize their Inkling. Players can equip different pieces of clothing, which each provide different game-play perks like swimming more quickly through…

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Twitch Has Suffered A Security Breach And Says To Change Your Passwords

Rikki Robertson-Brown:

Hmm, interesting…

Originally posted on My Nintendo News:

Bad news today for fans of Twitch as the company has confirmed that it has suffered a security breach and advises users of the service to change their passwords. Twitch has now expired all login information and when you next go to the site you’ll be prompted to change your password. The company says that it’s only certain accounts that have been compromised. Still, it’s not good news.

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Tsunami is making signal generation accessible to everyone

Rikki Robertson-Brown:

I know this is not games or game related but it is pretty darn cool, and as I understand it, is a good way to replace the ridiculously expensive spectrum analyzer’s

Originally posted on Bits & Pieces from the Embedded Design World:

The Tsunami is a powerful and flexible signal generator, analyzer and experimenter’s kit built on the Arduino platform.

With more and more Makers graduating to designing and building their own hardware, they often find themselves faced with a difficult choice: spend hundreds, or even thousands, on expensive test equipment and development boards, or waste time trying to make do with what they can put together on a budget. Well, one London-based startup is seeking to improve upon that with the Tsunami, a signal generator and frequency counter based on the highly-popular Arduino platform.


Created by Arachnid Labs, Tsunami combines a versatile signal generator and frequency counter with an ATmega32U4 MCU, thereby making it possible to build sophisticated tools with a few lines of code, or simply load and run a wide variety of pre-written sketches for common tasks. Tsunami’s capabilities also extend well beyond what you’d expect of a typical benchtop tool. Application ideas listed include music synthesis, packet radio modems, and…

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