Street Fighter X Tekken—Finger Pads May be Required

Street Fighter X Tekken Capcom I must say outright that I used to be a big fighting game fan. Not quite at any sort of official competitor level (although I was pretty competitive while playing them), but let’s just say I’ve tried a ton of fighters. Everything from the cult classic Tobal 2, which was […]

Drop what you’re doing and turn your smartphone into a lightsaber right now

Are you hyped for the new Star Wars movie? I’m super hyped for the new Star Wars movie. I started out cautiously optimistic, but I am in full on EXCITE MODE now. Thanks to Google, you can fuel your Star Wars hype with a free game that turns your smartphone into a lightsaber. Setting the […]

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Review

Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS, iOS Developers: LucasArts Publisher: LucasArts Star Wars is something that a lot of us have close in our hearts and with the release of The Force Awakens, I think it’s only fitting that I do a post on Star Wars! You could say that Star Wars games […]

Massive Boost For PC Gaming As Hardware Market Hit $21.5 Billion in 2014/2015

Last year the PC Hardware Gaming Market was Twice The Size Of Console Hardware Sales!


Selling $21.5 Billion (£13.9 Billion) in one year, it is a fact that can not be ignored, not by anyone who is interested in gaming.

If you want to read the report – it’s here along with several other interesting reports of the games industry

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Turns Out That Project Van Listing At Target Was Actually Just Guitar Hero Live


My Nintendo News


One of the readers from My Nintendo News who works at US retail chain Target has contacted to me to say that Project Van is actually Guitar Hero for Wii U. The reader did a little bit of digging on Target’s systems and discovered that it isn’t anything particularly exciting, just Activision’s Guitar Hero Live. Well, I guess that’s one rumour over and done with.

Hey I work at target and looked into project van. It would seem that it’s actually the name for the new guitar hero game. Or at least the name for the pre order card. It happens from time to time where the previous order card doesn’t match the card. Pokémon omega ruby was called Pokémon beta on our shelf. What makes it odd tho is the ps4 and Xbox one versions are marked properly. Just a heads up. It’s not a new game just guitar…

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Splatoon Amiibo Three Pack Unboxing

So cool, love the Amiibos – ikle squids

My Nintendo News

Popular YouTuber GhostRobo has received Splatoon and the accompanying amiibo from Nintendo of America to showcase to the internet before they are officially released on May 29th. The video shows off the super colourful shooter as well as the incredibly lucrative Splatoon amiibo figures, which I’m sure quite a few of you are looking forward to getting your hands on.

Thanks, Jose M

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Nintendo Teams Up With Universal Theme Parks To Create Nintendo Attractions

HAHAHAHAHAHA – I am going to become one of those geeky nutters who is obsessed with Nintendo!

Oh, wait…

My Nintendo News

Your favourite characters and worlds will be brought to life in Nintendo themed attractions at Universal theme parks! Today, Nintendo announced they’re bringing their much loved games to Universal theme parks for you to experience for real. Universal will create “spectacular, dedicated experiences based on Nintendo’s wildly popular games, characters and worlds.” They still have to work everything out as the “teams work to create specific concepts,” but more will be announced sometime in the future. Which Nintendo attraction would you most like to see at a theme park?

“The immersive experiences will include major attractions at Universal’s theme parks and will feature Nintendo’s most famous characters and games.”

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