A man fell down a massive hole in China and turned the experience into an iPhone game

Rikki Robertson-Brown:

WHAT? This is mental. See you can make a successful game from anything, even a terrible experience.

Originally posted on TEAM YELLOW:

plummet-home-page-2RocketNews 24/Business Insider:

A man from New Zealand fell down a 9 meter hole in China, broke his back, and has just turned the horrific accident into a new slapstick mobile game.

Mark Major, 28, explains on his website that his scary experience inspired “Plummet”, which he hopes will be available for iPhone early this year. He tells Business Insider that he’s waiting for Apple to review his iTunes app and it should be due for release soon.

Major says he had no warning about the accident. He was walking past a construction site in Beijing when the earth just gave way.

When he woke, with a fractured spine, sore head, and broken pieces of plank all around him, his sole memory was the “free falling plummet”. He lay in the shaft an hour before being rescued. He adds that he suffered a “

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Game Developer Tycoon

Rikki Robertson-Brown:

This game was a revelation and then some. Game Development all crammed into a game is just a mental idea to attempt and then succeed at, this game will keep on being discovered so your not late at all, it took Mario a few games to really catch on. Cheers👍

Originally posted on Imperial Centre:

As part of the Steam Sale, I acquired a copy of Game Developer Tycoon. What attracted me was the Theme Hospital-like feel to the game which I’ve lost many hours to over the years. Once again, I’m late to the party (ten months late) but I’m glad I bought it – it’s another game I could easily lose many hours to if I don’t watch my step.

The Premise – starting in the early eighties (let’s say 1984 because one year in game time elapses before the release of the NES/TES), you’re a game designer operating in your garage (or Doc Brown’s garage…) making titles after the Great Video Game Crash. Your character clearly knows a little of programming as you have the basics of coding a game from scratch but as the game progresses, you need to put time, effort (and money) into researching the latest developments in video…

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Video Game Review: Borderlands! The Pre-sequel!

Rikki Robertson-Brown:

Loved Borderlands, the sense of humour and story always made me want more. Cheers.

Originally posted on Droids Canada:

A review by Rick Rice (@inkedandholey1)

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

If you liked Borderlands 2, you will be amused by this game. Big guns, sexual innuendos, and tons of stuff to blow and kill, all wrapped in a beautiful, cell shaded adventure. I got this game on game fly and it did take me a while just to play through the story line. So it’s not a quick game but it is fun enough to keep you interested. With the addition of everyone’s favorite annoying robot as a playable character, Borderlands fans will get a kick out of it.

Story Line

The story takes place somewhere between Borderlands 1 & 2, on the planet Ellipsis, which is the moon of Pandora. The Hyperion Corp. is trying to take over, if not destroy the moon in hopes of keeping people from finding the wealth that is inside the vaults. Handsome Jack, being…

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Hoooooh Woah Ho Sweet Child Of Light

Rikki Robertson-Brown:

I wanted to get this game already, now I really do. £4 is cheap as chips for this beautiful game, and it is an indie game as well as Steamworld Dig.

Originally posted on ChrisJBradley.com:

Call me a big spender, but in the January sale I splashed out big time on video games. I paid £4 for Steamworld Dig, and another £4 for Child of Light, a game that many people are regarding as their game of the 2014. For £4, I couldn’t help myself.


It was a safe bet. The game is breathtaking to look at, and it’s all thanks to the Ubi-Art Framework. It’s an RPG, and I don’t really like RPG, but I can get down with a 12 hour RPG and the battle system that feels like nothing I’ve ever played before. Seriously, the battle system is a joy, I want more games with a battle system like that.

The game took me about 12 hours to play, and yesterday I played it for nearly 8 hours without even realising. A lot of the time, it felt like I was lost…

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The Last Of Us: Remastered Review

Rikki Robertson-Brown:

A nice little review of a stonking game, The Last Of Us: Remastered is another ground breaker, they made Ubisoft and Assasins Creed look amateur, seem less mechanics and environment’s it really is a great game.

Originally posted on Fangirls Are We:

ujabb_dlckkel_bovult_the_last_of_us_remastered_1So, I write this not because it is a new game; it’s not even close. I write this because if any of you are like me, this awesome game might have slipped under your radar somehow.

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[3D Realms] 3D Realms is giving my favorite childhood games away: Pharaoh’s Tomb, Monuments of Mars, Alien Carnage, Bio Menace + 3 more (Free with registration!) via /r/GameDeals

Rikki Robertson-Brown:

Can’t beat a bit of 3D Realms, bring on the freeness.

Originally posted on Choke! Your! Wallet!:

[3D Realms] 3D Realms is giving my favorite childhood games away: Pharaoh’s Tomb, Monuments of Mars, Alien Carnage, Bio Menace + 3 more (Free with registration!)


Submitted January 09, 2015 at 06:17AM by Azurphax
via reddit http://ift.tt/1APUUJI

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Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition

Rikki Robertson-Brown:

I have loved Resident Evil since the PS1, this game is awesome and just carries on the Resi Revolution.

Originally posted on Vox of Vox:


So, I’m taking, yet another, look at Resident Evil 4. This time, it’s a recently released HD edition for PC with updated graphics, the option for 60fps, and better mouse and keyboard controls. Does that help its case when it comes to me hating this game? Well, let’s see.

It’s Definitely Better

I can say that much, at least. Being able to aim with the mouse without having to resort to a mod is a huge improvement, but you’re still forced to use A and D to turn. I’m guessing there’s something in the coding stopping them from enabling the mouse to be more substantial when turning, but it still would’ve been nice to actually see the game get some tighter control going on in that aspect.

When it comes down to it, the game is a lot easier to play with this minor improvement, but what about the rest…

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Titanfall Review

Rikki Robertson-Brown:

Nice review, a pretty big title in name and everything else. Games are looking good for 2015!

Originally posted on The Gaming Preview:

“One of the smoothest first person shooter games I have ever played”

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Twitch.TV Announces Friday Movie Night

Rikki Robertson-Brown:

Twitch are doing game movies? They are on a roll for sure. Excellent news.

Originally posted on GameXcess.net - Gaming News, Videos and Editorials!:

Movie buffs and gamers alike have a reason to celebrate. Game streaming site Twitch.TV has just announced they will be streaming game related films and documentaries every Friday night until February 20th.

Here’s the full schedule of films they’ll be streaming.

January 9:Stream Dream and Winter Releases Trailer

January 16:Pixel Poetry – A games-as-art documentary

January 23: (no broadcast)

January 30:Angry Video Game Nerd – The movie adaptation of the popular comic web series

February 6:Gaming in Color – LGBTQ gamer documentary

February 13:Super Game Jam: The Movie – Game development becomes entertainment

February 20: To be announced

I think this is a great way to offer gaming fans a chance to watch this content. I’m a huge fan of documentaries and since G4 was shut down, video game related content in any form is really not broadcast on TV. Twitch may end up offering…

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Nintendo Was Previously Accepting Pitches From Third Parties On Successor To Wii U

Rikki Robertson-Brown:

I read this article, some pretty good little facts in there.

Originally posted on My Nintendo News:

Digital Foundry has written an interesting piece speculating about the inevitable successor to the Wii U. In the speculative piece Digital Foundry stated that they had an informal chat with a well-placed individual in the hardware manufacturing business who informed them eighteen months ago that Nintendo was already accepting pitches from third parties on the hardware make-up of their next home console. Both AMD and Imagination Technologies were apparently mentioned by the source. It would make perfect sense for Nintendo to be busy creating their next console, but it’s unlikely to launch for another couple of years.

Around 18 months ago, during an informal chat with an extremely well-placed individual in the hardware manufacturing business, an interesting nugget of information dropped into the conversation – Nintendo was already accepting pitches from third parties on the hardware make-up of its successor for Wii U. Two names were mentioned: AMD and Imagination Technologies, creators of…

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