World Of Goo Creators Release New Game Little Inferno: Receives Critical Reviews


So…. We have waited a fair while for 2DBoy and the forthcoming

Little Inferno.

2DBoy is a core team of two guys, Ron Carmel and Kyle Gabler. They make video games don’t you know!

A lot of hype and mystery surrounded the game and the trailer didn’t give away too much, but we waited in anticipation as good little girls and boys do, to see what indeed the World Of Goo masters had come up with this time around.

If you are unfamiliar with the World Of Goo, it was the first ever game made by Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel (2DBoy) who basically invented a whole new genre and arguably a new game mechanic in building towers of goo like balls to overcome obstacles and get as many balls to the end pipe. The game is rich in graphics and really takes you on a journey like no other, have a look at 2DBoy’s site

So Little Inferno was released, and basically people are not happy. Saying that it lacked imagination and it was much shorter in terms of the money paid, as it is the same price as W.O.G, they all expected a better, longer game. Could it be that 2DBoy are just a one hit wonder?…..

…. Not on your nelly!!

Quite simply the stupendous duo are destined for even greater things than W.O.G, purely based on the fact that the gooey outing was indeed their first ever ever game, Angry Birds was Rovio’s 52nd I think.

Now, I am yet to play Little Inferno but I have seen (and so shall you in a mo) the video many many times, and the first thing that came to my mind was ‘flip me that fire looks very real’ I mean it does not have that ‘computer gamey’ typical edged graphic look. It is photorealistic which is my number one favourite thing in any game as I do not like to see the edges in a circle for instance.

The other thing was how items actually react to fire, like plastic almost instantly flops in a mess of undoable goo as soon as the heat hits. It seems ultra realistic in most aspects, with a new concept of burning a combination of items to earn coins to buy new stuff to burn, it has 99 combinations to discover and you can just keep burning things to, as Gwen McCray said…

Keep The Fire Burning

I will do a proper review of the little one, but given the resource and the fact that the two boys who once opened all of our eyes to the wonder of goo have much pressure, please just ease up and appreciate how hard it is to develop a new, fresh and current game.

Thank you ples,


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