The New Wii U….

Hello And Welcome.

So Nintendo have once again, possibly, got one over on the two other big players. I am of course referring to the new Nintendo Wii U.

The master of Nintendo and the gaming universe at the moment is indeed basking in his glory as once again he proves a concept that other gaming companies are copying.

It happened with the Wii and followed Kinect and Move, and as soon as Nintendo announced Wii U, soon followed Xbox SmartGlass – This is basically an app on your Windows tablet or phone, that would interact with the game, so it would display your map or inventory.

Also Sony have offered the very same facility with the new Sony Vita. All of this after Nintendo makes the move.

I know it has had some teething problems, but hasn’t every console in the past 10 years?

Once again, the boys at Ninty have started the ball rolling!


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