TaskPandas.Com: A Great New Site For Local Work.

Remember when you and your household used to have a great friendship with the whole street, and you knew everyone? When you would clean Misses Hepington’s windows for her, or get the papers from the newsagent?

I was just surfing Gumtree as you do, and I found this website (not on Gumtree though as I had already passed through that portal which transports you to various other websites without you knowing how or why) it’s called TaskPandas.

This websites design instantly struck me, and I wanted to sign up without knowing what exactly they did. I find out that it is one of those local job/bidding sites and thought oh here we go, but after a little more investigation I find that there are little jobs around the corner from me as it has a huge map with loads of little pandas on.


These little pandas represent each job available, and if you just hover over each one it gives you an idea of the job so you do not have to click each one to remind yourself that you are not a very good wallpaperera.

The jobs can vary from delivering furniture, fitting an Ikea table together until you realise it’s a bathroom cabinet (ahem), and even a cleaning job! Cat and dog sitting,

Every time you get a job completed, you can review the persons work on the website, and feedback how great that person was so others can see for any jobs they may have. (It does make me think that Gumtree owners, eBay, have missed a trick with Gumtree as I am sure that it would be a great addition to the Bayers of E’s free website.)

This site is a great way to find work, meet people and build a local reputation doing or providing work locally. It is still in beta, but I think this is a good site to try out if you are looking to make extra cash at any time.

Go to TaskPandas.Com



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