Street Fighter X Mega Man to be released, FINALLY! (As a free download for PC only.)

Street Fighter
Street Fighter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Mega Man
Mega Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Street Fighter X Mega Man will be released as a free download for PC only.

Capcom have finally announced that it will allow the indie/fan-made game in December to mark the 25th anniversary of both legendary franchises.

Created and developed by Singaporean programmer and legend Seow ZongmHui, it is rendered in the same graphical style as the 8-bit Mega Man titles and sees the protagonist tackle brilliant Street Fighter-themed levels.

Street Fighter’s roster of characters will act as end-of-level evil bosses and will use their signature special moves against our fave blue man, Mega Man.

“Our fans have been so supportive of the 25th Anniversary efforts on Street Fighter, that we wanted to give one last surprise and token of our appreciation,” said Christian Svensson, SVP of Capcom USA.

“This game symbolises the passion and dedication of our fans and with the 25th Anniversary of Mega Man coming up, we felt it was our duty to bring this wonderful experience to everyone who has shared the last 25 years with us and both celebrated franchises.”

Street Fighter X Mega Man will be available to download for PC on December 17.

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