Apple iPad, Under The Sea?


It had to happen. An all purpose iPad case that keeps even water out!

If you're into the great outdoors – or work in demanding conditions – you need technology that won't let you down.

On the water or at the beach, on the rough trail or in the field. Lifedge definitely goes where you go, whatever you're doing.

They claim that Lifedge keeps your iPad safe and dry while you work, ride, trek or even explore.

Their leading edge design uses the very best in materials technology to deliver a peak performance under even the harshest conditions.

Take a look on


  • 100% Waterproof. Shockproof.
  • Anti-glare screen for sunlight viewing.
  • Total functionality of touchscreen, Wi-Fi and cameras.
  • Compact case for everyday protection.
  • Exceptional sound transmission.
  • Comfortable handstrap for ease of use.



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