HIV has been used to Cure Cancer?


So i must have been under a rock or something, but I was just reading that A 7-year-old girl was successful in fully beating leukemia with the help of an altered form of HIV virus.

This medical experiment did almost cost Emma Whitehead her life, when she and her doctors embarked on this endeavor, things turned out more than OK in the end though.

In order to cure this girl's leukemia, scientists used the altered forms of the HIV virus as a genetic material carrier, and “injected” millions of Emma's T-cells (i.e. white blood cells, not an umbrella corp concoction) with new genes.

These T-cells eventually took care of destroying the cancerous ones.

I am sorry but I find this amazing, that after the world changing virus has destroyed millions of lives, it has actually saved at least one.




2 thoughts on “HIV has been used to Cure Cancer?

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