Did You Know..? SEGA First Started Making Pinball & Arcade Machines?

English: The Sega Master System video game con...

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein by Sega (Manufactu...

So there I was,

Surfing the inter-web, looking at the history of NAMCO and I stumble along the daunting fact that I really knew but didn’t acknowledge. Sega started off making pinball and arcade machines!

Most of the great, hour consuming pinball machines were SEGA‘s creation.

In 1972 SEGA created their first pinball called Winner, it was the first of many to come.

They stopped making pinball machines in 1978, until 1995 when they purchased Data East.

They then went on to make the classics we love like The X-Files, Baywatch, and of course Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein just to name a few.

The first Arcade game they made was called Periscope, released in 1968 it had realistic sounds and lighting.

Simply stunning innovation, in 1968!

The machines the made had great sound, amazing graphical representations and brilliant little twists and turns which captured our imagination.

They set the bar where arcades are concerned.



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