Shigeru Miyamoto Bats Off Retirement Rumours Again

Shigeru Miyamoto, you can not retire – EVER! Sorry about that.

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shigeru-miyamotoShigeru Miyamoto is creeping closer and closer to the national retirement age, but he’s not ready to let loose the younger Boo’s across the company just yet. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Miyamoto said he’d love to continue working with Nintendo for a long time.

“I turn 61 this year, so I’m at an age where as I look around at people who work in different companies and they’re all reaching an age where they’re thinking about retirement, I guess people might expect me to be thinking of retiring. But at the same time, I look at the work that I’m doing, and the fun that I’m having – this is something that I can still continue to do for a long time – you know, possibly until I die.”

But when and if Shigeru Miyamoto does decide to retire, he’s making sure that his staff are…

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