Love this! A great follow up it seems, to a great series. Nice!



Sucker’s punch has released fresh batch of screenshots for their Infamous: Second Son. Infamous: Second Son is Game Informer’s cover story and the publications has also revealed new details about the game.

  • Stars 24-year-old Native American Delsin Rowe
  • Delsin is the artistic type with a chip on his soldier
  • Fan of anti-authoritarian street art
  • Likes tagging buildings with his own art
  • Very much an average guy until the conduit-transport vehicle crashes
  • Delsin tries to help those in the wreck, and learns that he’s been a conduit all along with dragging an injured conduit from the area
  • Soon realizes that he can control smoke
  • Natural power lets him absorb other conduits’ power
  • Can use more than smoke power
  • Delsin is excited about his power unlike Cole


  • Delsin can take down different forward-operating bases run by the DUP around Seattle
  • Can get through these areas with force, but eliminating…

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