Game & Wario Was Originally A Pre-Installed Title For Wii U

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The latest edition of Iwata Asks reveals that Game & Wario was originally meant to be a pre-installed title for the Wii U, according to director Goro Abe. Game & Wario started life as a game called Pirates which involved players using the Wii U GamePad as a shield to stop arrows that fly towards the television screen. Abe says that they had to refrain from making the game too quirky as it had to have mainstream appeal for consumers.

“At first, the idea was to make a game that would come preinstalled on the Wii U console. I became involved in the project when it was already underway, and I began by asking myself what kind of games the Wii U GamePad might make possible.”

“When I had an idea of the overall direction for the project, I knew that I needed to try these ideas out to see whether or…

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