French court orders Apple to pay $6.5M copyright tax on iPads, country mulls future cultural levies

Rikki Robertson-Brown:

I have to say I am not surprised – it still does not compare to most other big companies who have been doing the same. It still doesn’t make it right though.

Originally posted on paidContent (old):

Apple(s aapl) must hand over 5 million euros in copyright fees it collected on iPad sales in 2011, a Paris court ruled last week. The ruling on the fees, which were eliminated in 2012, comes at a time when France is considering whether it should impose new cultural taxes on connected devices as a way of subsidizing artists.

The Grand Tribunal ruling, which was announced last week by Copie France, found that Apple must hand over a percentage of its iPad sales to Copie France even though the agency’s authority to impose the fees is uncertain. The 5 million euros, which is a provisional amount until the court makes a final ruling, is a drop in the bucket for Apple but is a symbolic victory for the copyright society.

“This is already a victory over an emblematic actor,” the head of Copie France told Le Monde. The French newspaper added that Apple…

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