shows off cloud DVR at CES, readies expansion to U.K.

I have been waiting……

Gigaom is selling a DVR that is geared towards cord cutters, allowing them to record free over-the-air HD TV and stream these recordings to mobile and connected devices. CEO Mark Ely has been talking about adding cloud DVR functionality to its product for some time, in part to make it easier for people to stream videos on the go without having to rely on the upload speeds of their home internet connection.

At the sidelines of CES, he showed me a demo that was streaming TV show episodes straight from Amazon’s (S AMZN) S3 cloud storage service. The demo also made use of a new HTML user interface that integrates TV guide data from Gracenote and offers users a way to find any TV show episode that they may have missed to record on Netflix, (S NFLX) Hulu and other streaming services.

Ely said that hasn’t determined the…

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