Apple wants to make it safer to text and walk with transparent texting


Dear the rest of the world.
If you are unable to look at your phone and walk – GET THIS ASAP.

This is something I thought I would NEVER be spoken about, commuters are unable to look at ANY device whilst walking at the same speed or they just bloody stop smack in front of you, it is a wonder muggings and pickpocket rates havn’t smashed through the ceiling.



Sure it’s obnoxious, but there’s no denying that plenty of people text while walking. I see it happen in New York every day. I even do it myself from time to time. But while I don’t advocate it, I’m not against a way to make it safer, or at least reduce your risk of stepping in dog poop. A patent application for “transparent texting” filed by Apple(s aapl) (and spotted by Apple Insider) could do just that.

The idea is simple, though the application makes it sound somewhat complicated:

“A method of communicating, the method comprising: displaying, on a display on a front of a device, a background depicting a scene currently being viewed by a camera on the device; overlaying, on the background, a messaging application capable of sending and receiving messages, the messaging application occupying a first area of the background; wherein portions of the background on…

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