Mario Cart 8 First Impression

We like.

From Dice to Controllers

After playing a few hours of the new Mario Cart I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed.  Not only has the game been fun, but it also offers a good balance between challenge and strategy.  Every track offers a new way to race and win.  Though battle mode still remains as boring as ever, the rest of the game has improved tremendously.

As a quick side-note I have not played on all the tracks or used all the characters, so this article might be a little short.  What is best about Mario Cart 8 so far is that it has stayed true to its predecessors, while improving and innovating where it needs to.  The addition of upside-down tracks and new powers allows a whole new dimension of racing into the series.  I am also glad that bikes have been brought back.  The give players more options to choose…

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