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Let’s be totally honest…

…these days it really seems like every few months we’re hearing about some new Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) getting ready to be released. Since World of Warcraft broke out on the scene and took the gaming world by storm, every video game developer under the sun has wanted to grab a slice of that MMO pie. Unfortunately, most of these games end up getting rushed out to release and suffer from faults that inevitably lead to their demise. Usually the only salvation for these games is to then go Free-To-Play and add microtransactions which might gain the interest of casual gamers but typically deters hardcore and purist gamers.

Well, yet another MMORPG has arrived in the form of WildStar, but unlike those that came before it, WildStar makes the strongest case so far that it’s not just a poorly made WoW clone but a true contenter for the MMORPG throne. For starters, the game was developed in part by former employees of Blizzard Entertainment who worked on vanilla World of Warcraft, which many still consider to be the height of MMORPG’s. The game has the same level of imagination and wonder in it’s environments and character design that you’ve come to expect from WoW but in a totally different sci-fi universe rather than the traditional fantasy one. Also, unlike WoW which has went from being a rather challenging game in the beginning to being dumbed down repeatedly with each expansion, WildStar has a slightly higher difficulty, giving a real sense of reward when you accomplish things, but increasing the learning curve, especially for newcomers.

With that easily said, the games difficulty need not drag you away from trying the game because the folks over at Zygor Guides, who you might know for their famous in-game leveling guides for World of Warcraft, have already created a full 1-50 WildStar guide that will power level you to level 50 in less than 2 days. The guide installs just like an addon and gives you a detailed step by step walkthrough that you can follow inside of the game. The guide also includes an on-screen 3D Waypoint Arrow that will point you exactly where you need to go and let you know when you have arrived at your destination. Best of all, the guide can actually sync up with your character and detect your progress as you play, updating itself as you complete goals and automatically moving forward in the guide as you complete each step.

You really have to see it to really get the full impact, so if you’re not sure if this leveling guide is right you can download a free trial that covers the first 6 levels of the game. Once you start playing with a Zygor Guide you’ll never be able to go without it.

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Rikki R-B

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