ESO: Update 6

Nice update, keep em coming #gaming

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Update 6!

Zenimax recently posted their “Road Ahead” article which recapped 2014 for them as well as what we players can look forward to in the coming updates. I was surprised, yet pleased, to read that the Champion system as well as the Justice system would be appearing in the next content update. ZoS said update 6 would be big, but I didn’t expect to see the Justice system included (although the PvP aspect of the JS is being held off until a later update).


The image above was posted on the ESO site, and it shows what phase 3 of the Champion system will include: Players will be able to choose where to spend points on their desired Champion Passives.

The Justice system will include “Skyrim-like pve elements,” as ZoS states in the Road Ahead. Players will be able to steal from vendors, pickpocket NPCs and for the truly hardcore…

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