This Is Fantasy Life

I’d like to see some screenshots but a nice little introduction.

a review of this

I’m going to attempt to keep this short.  And concise.

Fantasy Life is the type of game you can get easily lost in, always pushing toward some next milestone of your own devising, a carrot-on-a-stick you occasionally grasp but still slips from your hand time and again.  In this, there are twelve different occupations you can take – called a Life – with  Paladin, Hunter, Carpenter, Cook, as some of your options, all easily switched after completing the appropriate quest.  It’s a healthy mix of combat and artisan.  A number of Ranks exist for each, six in all not including the two available in the DLC (Origin Island), you level by finishing tasks related to the Life you’re currently on.  For example, as an Angler, you need to capture a certain fish, as a Hunter take down a rare animal, as an Alchemist, craft a sleeping potion.  There’s a story too, it is…

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