This Is The 3DS

NICE! Love this little bundle of magic from Nintendo

a review of this

Being an adult is 90% awful.  Statistically.  What you’re never told about being an adult when you’re younger is taxes and work and commuting and bills and Holiday Parties and obligations you didn’t sign up for (like Holiday Parties) and being excited by a new vacuum cleaner.  The other 10% of adulthood is great.  A week ago, I had a sudden urge for ice cream, so I got in my car, drove to the store, and bought ice cream.  Then, I had ice cream for dinner, like an adult, and I put chocolate syrup on it.  And it was fantastic.  That sliver of great is small – wafer thin – but when it’s on it is on.

Closing in on my mid-30s and owning a 3DS hovers somewhere in the middle.  It’s a phantom percentage.  A Venn Diagram of degrees, overlapping ever so faintly between awful and…

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