Interesting Dual Screen Indie Game Factotum Coming to Wii U

Hmmm, interesting little teaser. Another string to the bow, bring it on TACS Games.

The Nintendo Objective

Factotum, an indie game being developed by the one-man studio TACS Games, will be coming to Wii U, and I’ve got to admit: it looks very intriguing. The player controls “walker” robots and solves various puzzles, all to save a spaceship from a mysterious enemy.

The title looks like it has potential for very innovative and entertaining gameplay by using dual screens to solve puzzles and switch between “walker” units. The gameplay trailer below showcases the style and art direction of the game, with the TV screen designed to look like a console (the “Walker Control Terminal” to be specific) featuring two screens.

What’s more is that the GamePad will be used as a touch screen control board of sorts, which could evolve into something very unique. I’m always a fan of the GamePad being utilized for more than just off-TV play (which this game features), so I…

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