The Sims 4 – PC Game Review

A very nice and comprehensive review. Love the Sims. Thank you.

Critical Reviewing

By Dominique Feldman

The Sims is by far the most popular video game series to date, attracting avid and casual gamers alike. So it was no surprise when EA announced the newest arrival in the series at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo: The Sims 4 was to arrive in September 2014. And arrive it did.

In usual corporation fashion, the base game is nothing short of a half-naked man wearing bright, polka-dotted boxers. EA hopes the bright colors and his chiseled form will entice you just enough to buy the game, but then you realize that all this man can do is walk around a bit and say the same things over and over again, so you want more.

EA did the same thing with the Sims 3. The base game had just enough content to keep you interested for a day, and then the equally expensive expansion packs added…

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