Ten guideline for you, young indie dev.

I love your outlook on game design, from start to finish you tell it like it is.

Blackmagic at code

I humbly spent many years in this industry, that being said, there are “basic rules” that very few fellow young “indie” developers should have been told. I will try to give you some hints excerpt from the motion twin lore or my time making very small games for big companies.

1- Making games is a job. leadership

Start with the goal of making a living with you games, it is a committing job. If you can’t earn your living, have a side job. You must also act like a professional, explore business opportunities, segment your personal feelings and be prepared to get harsh critics for your production. It seems obvious but many indies I encounter have a disdainful and disrespectul behaviour. If you want people to recognize you, be someone good and treat people with care, even when you have harsh things to say.

2- Quality is irrational. Be rational. 

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