Sony Did Not Get Hacked By North Korea – Experts That Work For The Government Say….

Sony Hacked By North Korea

Yea, apparently it was ONE angry employee, who Sony had seriously peeved off….

Ummm, just one person?  Really?

Also Sony would have obviously known their capabilities so why would Sony pi$$ them off, AND why would they pull the film if it was just an ex employee?

Sorry but it sounds to me like another nonsense and another diversion.  The timing was way too good, plus with all of security experience Sony has it was NOT just some piece of crap who didn’t get paid.

In an insight by Forbes, one Sony employee has gone on to say what it was like, check out the article here.

Spread the word people, we are being lied to AGAIN!


UPDATE – Now the FBI have point blank said that it IS North Korea! It amazes me how quick the story is changed and we are not supposed to notice.


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