Top Gaming & e-Sports Streaming Sites (2016 Update) #Gaming #livestreams #indiedev

Welcome To The Top Gaming & e-Sports Streaming Sites

I can not believe I posted this a year ago now.  So here are some 2016 additions to our popular Top Gaming Streaming Sites.

Scroll down to the bottom for the additional gaming sites.

With almost every other household with a fairly good internet connection these days, online gaming and streaming is becoming steadily more popular.  So I decided to show you how to stream games for free.

I noticed that there are only a few guides on gaming streaming websites, so here is a collection of the video game websites where you can watch or stream your games with no lag or such like Apple’s attempt at mirroring ios games to AppleTV:


1) YouTube –

Yes YouTube can stream LIVE video, so in essence it can stream LIVE games.  All you need to start off is a stationary webcam and a YouTube account and mix that with any game and prayhesto.


2) Twitch –

Needs no introduction, Twitch has already made it in the standard website icons, along with Facebook Twitter & Youtube.  Twitch just went mental all of a sudden and then Amazon happened.

HitBox Game Streaming

3) HitBox –

A year or so old now but still a great game streaming site, it is very fast and is streamlined, plus has a huge following already, check it out.  They even have a detailed outline on why you should switch here 

Sony Game Streaming

4) PS4 –

Sony made the move to add streaming capabilities to the PS4, a pretty smart one if you ask me. This is one of my fave streaming sites because Sony have incorporated Twitch, Youtube and other popular gaming streaming services.   If you own a Sony PS4 this is a hard one to ignore.

Microsoft Arcadia

5) Arcadia (Microsoft)

This one has not even been launched, but I had to mention it, as again, you can not ignore what this will offer, if integrated with the Xbox massive.  You can however play XBOX One games on your Windows 10 PC – check it out here on Digital Trends guide on how to play Xbox One Games On Windows 10.


6) Steam Broadcasting

Still in beta but well now, this is a treat.  As if Steam didn’t do enough by taking the world by storm, really coming into it’s own in 2014 and it hasn’t stopped, with a ton of indie dev’s and A list titles all mixing it up, they go and introduce a LIVE gaming streaming service which works the same as the core site. Brilliant!

Nvidia Grid

7) Nvidia Grid – 

Now I know this is not a LIVE streaming service but it is a brilliant local push service that works on Android.  It has come into its own with the latest update, with the ability to stream games in 720p to your TV from your Android powered device.


8) Instagib –

As most of these services require, instagib needs third party software which has XSplit or OBS support in order to stream your video.  The site is fast and the quality of the streams are excellent.


9) Veetle –

Have not done as much research on this lot but Veetle supports many video formats and has a great app you can use to stream your videos.

DeNA Game Streaming Service

10) DeNA Gaming Streaming –

Now a lot of Japanese gamers will know about DeNA as they have millions of crazy music teenbop fans screaming every year.  They have announced that they are going into the game streaming business so happy days, we wait and see if they can keep up with the other nine in this list.


11) Ustream –

This lot is last on the list because it all seems like so much effort to stream anything, it may be me but this seems to be a step up from consumer tech and more for you Dev’s.

**2016 Update**

Screenshot from 2016-05-23 15:17:29.png

12) Dailymotion Game Streaming

Still in beta version but YES, I just found out from  (who also has great gaming news) that the ole’ Dailymotion have taken to the game streaming service and it is looking pretty darn good.  Take a look see if you can stream your gaming experience with their growing audience.


13) Origin.Com

Like Sony and the PS4, Origin (EA) have a game streaming service that is a re-broadcaster and uses all of the faves like Twitch and Youtube etc.  They are like Steam in a way as you can download games and even get some FREE games in the process, so worth a look for sure.

Screenshot from 2016-05-23 16:20:06.png

14) Azubu

In it’s third version and a recent beta, this streaming service is fully customisable which helps you get online easier and without twiddling all the settings.  With a fresh new upgrade and look, it is a rising star in game streaming.


So that is it, my collection of the top Gaming Streaming websites out there, thank you so much for reading, please share this with your massives and make a comment  if you wish ;o)

Thanks to we now have more game streaming websites to share so go check them out too.



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