A man fell down a massive hole in China and turned the experience into an iPhone game

WHAT? This is mental. See you can make a successful game from anything, even a terrible experience.


plummet-home-page-2RocketNews 24/Business Insider:

A man from New Zealand fell down a 9 meter hole in China, broke his back, and has just turned the horrific accident into a new slapstick mobile game.

Mark Major, 28, explains on his website that his scary experience inspired “Plummet”, which he hopes will be available for iPhone early this year. He tells Business Insider that he’s waiting for Apple to review his iTunes app and it should be due for release soon.

Major says he had no warning about the accident. He was walking past a construction site in Beijing when the earth just gave way.

When he woke, with a fractured spine, sore head, and broken pieces of plank all around him, his sole memory was the “free falling plummet”. He lay in the shaft an hour before being rescued. He adds that he suffered a “

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