Game Developer Tycoon

This game was a revelation and then some. Game Development all crammed into a game is just a mental idea to attempt and then succeed at, this game will keep on being discovered so your not late at all, it took Mario a few games to really catch on. Cheers👍

Imperial Centre

As part of the Steam Sale, I acquired a copy of Game Developer Tycoon. What attracted me was the Theme Hospital-like feel to the game which I’ve lost many hours to over the years. Once again, I’m late to the party (ten months late) but I’m glad I bought it – it’s another game I could easily lose many hours to if I don’t watch my step.

The Premise – starting in the early eighties (let’s say 1984 because one year in game time elapses before the release of the NES/TES), you’re a game designer operating in your garage (or Doc Brown’s garage…) making titles after the Great Video Game Crash. Your character clearly knows a little of programming as you have the basics of coding a game from scratch but as the game progresses, you need to put time, effort (and money) into researching the latest developments in video…

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