Cheetah Mobile Buys MobPartner For $58M As Ad Tech Consolidates

Hmmm, interesting. Ad’s are here to stay and are getting more recognition all round


Cheetah Mobile, a software company based out of China and best known for products like the Clean Master security and storage optimizer for Android devices, has made an acquisition to move deeper into the world of ad tech. Today, the company announced that it will buy MobPartner in a $58 million cash-and-stock deal.

Upon close of the deal later this year, MobPartner will become a subsidiary of Cheetah. CEO Djamel Agaoua will stay on to head up MobPartner and will take on the additional role of Senior Vice President at Cheetah Mobile.

MobParter is a specialist in areas like performance-based advertising and other mobile marketing services. It says it is active in 200 countries and with more than 10,000 publishers worldwide, reaching over 200 million mobile users and over 18 billion impressions per month.

Founded in 2007 in Paris and raising a mere $3.5 million since then, it is one of several notable ad…

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