24 things only diehard Street Fighter fans understand

LOVED Street Fighter So Much, I bought it just so I can play it on my WiiU


Street Fighter V - but why is it exclusive? Street Fighter… because Tekken was for wimps (Picture: Capcom)

Gaming as a kid in the 90s was a whole different ball game. It was a simple era, there was no DLC’s no playstation 3s or X-Boxes. Instead, if you weren’t bashing buttons on your SNES after school every night until your thumbs blistered, you just weren’t cool.

One of the best thing to come out of gaming in the 90s was the Street Fighter series. Knowing fight combos could instantly up your street cred with your mates and being able to beat down anyone that dared to challenge you was a skill that was highly revered.

Below are 24 things only a diehard Street Fighter fan will understand

1. You know that Street Fighter 2 was actually called Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior

2. Nothing felt as good as pulling off the perfect combo (apart from winning, that felt…

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