Battle Pod is the Star Wars game of your dreams

So pleased to see another massive arcade title from the wars of star.


Star Wars: Battle Pod - return of the arcade Star Wars: Battle Pod – return of the arcade

Lucasfilm has announced that Star Wars: Battle Pod has been released into arcades, in what could be the ultimate interactive Star Wars experience.

It may seem hard to believe now but there was a time when everything connected to Star Wars was amazing. Not just the films, but the toys, the comics, the lunch boxes, and most particularly the video games.

Times have obviously changed, but one look at this video is enough to remind us of the days when the idea of the Clone Wars still seemed exciting and mysterious and Jar Jar Binks was just a twinkle in George Lucas’ eye.

Star Wars: Battle Pod was announced last year, as a collaboration between Lucasfilm, Disney Interactive Japan, and Bandai Namco. But now it’s finished and available to play in arcades. Whether that includes anywhere in the UK we’re not…

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