Plot Corridors in Batman: Arkham Asylum

What a fantastical article. Brilliantly written and I was hooked. We do need more dynamic play which will add replay value as well as add to the experience of the entire game.
Thank you for sharing, really is great.

Critical Bytes

Video games sometimes have difficulty telling a good story because of the necessities of what a game must do to be a game. By giving the player choices, game plots can approach levels of depth and complication that plots in old media could only imagine; when presented with three choices on where to go to solve the current plot issue, prioritizing one option over the others must necessarily have consequences, or else the choice becomes superficial and arbitrary, the player feels their impact on the game is minimal, and the plot remains essentially static and linear. The downside to this is that game plots can easily break down as game designers fail to handle all the ramifications of the player’s choices; what would be the impact in choosing to leave either Ashley or Kaidan to die on Virmire if both characters were identical and the plot proceeded the same regardless…

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