Tappy Tapp Indie Game Review

Today we will be reviewing an extremely smart new indie game called Tappy Tap By Red Two Apps.

We reviewed the beta iOS version of Tappy Tap…

…Now I’ll admit that going into the beta test, I had absolutely no idea of what type of game I was playing, I knew numbers and tapping was involved (observational skills were over-clocked) and that was about it.

So I did the blokey thing and just went for it, opened the app and was presented with a fairly assuming menu with the instructions displayed first which was great, except as I had done no research previous I was somewhat baffled but still just tapped until something played.

After two taps (you getting the theme?)  I was in!

Up popped these crazy numbers, after a 1-2-3 countdown all hell breaks loose and the numbers are all changing like some sort of reverse syco bingo!  Some are clear (positive) numbers and some are red minus (negative) numbers, but they all swap position in random time frames so some will stay there for what seems like forever and then change into a minus just before you tap it!

Basically what you have to do get the highest score by ‘tapping’ on the highest numbers you can when they appear, if you hit a red minus/negative number though, you will get docked hard like a cheating gambler in a Marylebone Casino.

The game modes are either 30 seconds or 60 seconds, the 60 seconds mode really lulls you into a false sense of security because the numbers change faster as time goes on.

You can tap the same numbers as many times as you like in a row and they all cleverly fall into the recycling bin at the bottom of the screen to save on emissions or make paper from I don’t know.

As I say the end goal is to achieve the highest score and beat all ya mates to claim the superior tapping skills title, because that is indeed a thing.

Tappy Tap has a wide range of levels, and they are just evil as the numbers are no longer assigned to a square but they are all let loose and fly all around the screen, so frankly any cunning plan you had goes completely out the window.

These modes are much harder and got my goat after about 10 seconds, but that’s always a great sign as I am usually good at most games and I see that as a great mental challenge.  I am no Doc Brown, but I recon this game will be great for training the brain.

The game mechanics are really simple but also equally brilliant, with just a few tweaks to the gameplay it brings a whole new game within a game in the guise of the different modes, they really add value to Tappy Tap.

I Give Tappy Tap A Blistering 9/10

I think that Tappy Tapp could be the next Tappy, I mean Flappy Bird.

You can check it out on the App Store https://t.co/xETJ9A3F9x Or Android https://t.co/vole3LXSz8 and make sure you follow:

Red Two Apps @two_apps

I will update you all when it has driven me mad and sapped all of my time, until next time, enjoy!

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