Indie Game Review – Springee



New ios & Android title

Springee is a new 2D platformer on iOS and Android devices – sprung into life by debut developer “Kronbex Team”.

Springee The Game features a pretty sweet “digital-sketchy” graphic style, and a new kind of hero…

Yes you are in charge of a very clever SPRING, who has been sucked up by the evil Junk Collector Minions in thier massive Dyson-a-like.

“Making a challenging yet fun gameplay was the main goal during the designing of the game.”  Says Indie Dev Kronbex

In the game, you help Springee on his journey for getting back to his world, after being kidnapped by the Junk Collector Minions.
You have to make your way through the planet. You have to be sharp to overcome threats and outsmart the bad guy minions to reach the portal leads you home.

The games slogan is: Focus, jump well, outsmart minions, find your way home!


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