Yahoo Games Closes It’s Doors.

I have just found out that the most visited and top ranking games site, Yahoo Games is shutting down it’s servers… Well at least the part of the server which games designers and game publishers can sell their games and game content.

Yahoo Games are keeping their servers open so if you purchased content this will still be available but man there must be some pretty peeved gamers and game makers who will not be happy about this one.

This is truly mystifying and  yet another bizarre move by Yahoo, they are shutting off all of the below domains with no real explanation as to why this is?

All of the below will still be available to view but after May 15th no in app purchasing will be possible:

Yahoo US
Yahoo Australia
Yahoo Canada
Yahoo France
Yahoo Germany
Yahoo Italy
Yahoo Spain
Yahoo United Kingdom

Will another website swoop in and take over the massively successful games website?  We will see in the next few months.  Until next time, Yahoo!



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