Top 10 Indie Games 2016

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In no real order, some of the great indie games to expect in 2016.

The Witness

The Witness is one of those games that comes along every 10 years or so, Jonathan Blow the absolute genius and the mastermind behind Braid is a two game indie developer who, after the crazy success of his last Kickstarter should now be taken very seriously.  Set on a massive island it features 650 puzzles that will keep you busy for a fair few months of constant head banging.  I can’t wait to play The Witness.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is the product of Hello Games and is yet another indie title that will smash the boundaries, just when you think you have seen it all, they hit us with this gem. What they have done here is, created a game that is randomly generated, so you will never get bored of the game levels.  With anything that is randomly created, there will be some flaws and potential to put gamers off, but you will never know until you play it, I still can’t wait for No Man’s Sky.


There are two brothers called Chad and Jared Moldenhauer and they are the insanely cleaver and all round gaming gods who are responsible for what is being called one of the greatest achievements in game creation.  I give you Cuphead which is a classic 1930’s cartoon stuffed into a playable game.  To say that you think you are playing an old fashioned cartoon doesn’t quite get there, you are fully immersed in the stunning world created and hand drawn, hand animated and hand crafted it really needs to be played to believe it.  The side-scrolling gameplay grabs you straight away, with chaos and all crucial elements in play.  When this game is released it will make a lot of AAA titles look like poo!


We all played and fell in love with Guacamelee! and the upcoming Severed will not be any different.  Using the same art style and a re-work of the ever delightful touch-led slashing gameplay, our friends over at DrinkBox studios have clearly put another bucket of love into this one.  I just love it when a great indiedev team get it so right, I can’t wait!

What Remains of Edith Finch

The Unfinished Swan was a breath of fresh air, created by Giant Sparrow.  NOW we have Edith Finch.  Set on a creepy island each stage has a narrative that follows a crazy member of the Finch Family and as the trailer says, someone WILL DIE at the end of each.  A great twist and telling us what to expect at the end makes me even more intruiged in this game.

Hyper Light Drifter

Now this game is similar to Guacamelee in style and sound except that the gameplay is spread out over a wider plane, so you can beat your foes with aplomb.  Called Hyper Light Drifter from IndieDev Heart Machine is a stunning and a gorgeous game.  It features some stunning Robocop meets BladeRunner graphics and has non stop action in gameplay.


I knew about this one for a while.  Here we have the talented Campo Santo who are only new to this indiedev lark, but they are already responsible for Mark of the Ninja & The Walking Dead.  Firewatch goes in a completely different direction and sees you in charge of the woods in Wyoming.  The idea is to basically watch out for fires in your dear forest, but all is not that straight-forward.  The game looks stunning and the atmosphere and feel has the mark of MineCraft but with slick clean, square-free graphics.


This one comes straight outa Comp, I mean Kickstarter.  The campaign flipping well earned THREE MILLION DOLLARS after a target of $250,000 I think it is safe to say that Yooka-Laylee will be well received.  It’s developers are a collection from the Nintendo classic Banjo-Kazooie the massively successful Nintendo 64 game and Yooka-Laylee seems like it will revive the failing 3D platformer genre. You are a chameleon and a bat who are constantly joined at the hip to overcome all kindsa madness and platformer goodness.


The Fullbright Company are up next, with a plot to rival the best sci-fi movies.  You are aboard a lunar space station.  The game is called Tacoma and you are on your space station with a secretive ship robot commander called Odin.  Gravity doesn’t seem to be an issue as you can fling yourself effortlessly from one section to another, so a lot of puzzle solving and brain crushing will ensue.  The graphics are again stunning and with the already great Gone Home under their belt, this indie game seems right up my street, something to get your teeth into and escape in the amazing world they have created.


Now don’t get me started because there a lot of games in this list that start of an island. BUT Rime looks like it started off life at Nintendo and was related to Zelda the Wind Waker no less.  You see the world through the eyes of an innocent child, exploring and discovering the almost tragic island, you find that something evil seems to have frozen the island in time or stone, or DUST.


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