Fire Away: A New iOS & Android Indie Game Puzzler

Fire Away is a fun methodology diversion where you attempt to flame a ball in the crevices of a pivoting ring to get the most elevated score!

There are turning rings that change after 5 fruitful shots. A fruitful shot is firing the ball through the crevices without hitting the turning ring. On the off chance that you hit a ring, you lose an existence. Be watchful there are just 5 experience each time you play.

You can likewise protect an existence by utilizing a few diamonds in the event that you require one more opportunity to beat your high score!

How to Play?

Tap the screen to throw the ball toward the arrow. Planning is everything.


Essential Ring pack incorporates 6 rings to play.

Propelled Ring pack ($0.99) – incorporates 9 rings to play.

Over 3 included Color Themes

Post to High Score leaderboard for Basic or Advanced Ring pack.

Accomplishments Built In


     Get it on AppStore
Get it on Google Play
Check out for more info!

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