New Indie Game UPO: Alien Rescue – Introduces A New Game Mechanic

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I am currently playing an amazing and addictive new game called UPO, from

At first it just looks like a 2D top scroller but NEYY, it is so much more…

This cute little gem is firstly designed with helping the homeless in mind, as every time you play it, you are donating to the charity, something that I feel is a wonderful touch to a super game.

So let’s get to the game itself, here are the instructions:

Tap a destination planet;

Dodge asteroids;

Pick aliens from planets;

Catch power-up aliens on the fly;

Every saved alien = +1;

Every alien left behind = -1;

Game ends when you damage your UFO;

So, as explained above you are a little UFO ship and you have to save all of the cute little aliens from the passing planets by tapping them as you fly through space at break neck speeds, sending you flying towards the planet but watch out for the deadly asteroids!

I love the graphics and the cute, bouncy gameplay is just so much fun, you have to play it to see what I mean. The balance between the asteroids and the speed they travel is just right, so as you tap each planet you have to time it just right so they don’t knock you off your trajectory and spinning off to the side, ending your turn in a smooth transition to the home planet.

So far I’ve only managed 19 in one turn, there is a part where you get loads of aliens all clustered together and you have to bounce from planet to planet just right as you have to collect them from just floating in space and not on any planet so that is a lot harder with asteroids blocking your path.  There’s also floating power ups that destroy asteroids if you can catch them.

The asteroids can also hit you whilst stationary on a planet so you have to keep an eye out for them hitting you before your next move.

UPO is one of my favourite new games, I think Bonsters have hit the right note with this one, all of the mechanics and animations are smooth, you really get the feel of gravity and trajectories, especially when you get hit, the physics are ala Angry Birds Space.

This beautiful game is FREE plus you will be helping the homeless, so please go and download it today, you have Google, Apple and Facebook so you have choice.  Oh and the strangest coincidence happened, the publishers are called Rikkir inc and my name is Rikki R-B – it’s in the tea leaves as my Nan would say.
Developer: Bonsters

Based in Tbilisi, Georgia

Release date: Mar 12, 2017

iTunes App Store
Google Play


Check out the Bonsters website
Download Via App Store


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