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Nintendo 3DS

NICE! Love this little bundle of magic from Nintendo

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Being an adult is 90% awful.  Statistically.  What you’re never told about being an adult when you’re younger is taxes and work and commuting and bills and Holiday Parties and obligations you didn’t sign up for (like Holiday Parties) and being excited by a new vacuum cleaner.  The other 10% of adulthood is great.  A week ago, I had a sudden urge for ice cream, so I got in my car, drove to the store, and bought ice cream.  Then, I had ice cream for dinner, like an adult, and I put chocolate syrup on it.  And it was fantastic.  That sliver of great is small – wafer thin – but when it’s on it is on.

Closing in on my mid-30s and owning a 3DS hovers somewhere in the middle.  It’s a phantom percentage.  A Venn Diagram of degrees, overlapping ever so faintly between awful and…

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New 3DS Zelda: A Link to the Past 2

Three yellow triangles, forming the first subd...
Three yellow triangles, forming the first subdivision in the construction of a Sierpinski triangle. Nintendo has used this image, under the name “Triforce”, to represent The Legend of Zelda video games. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I’m sorry but where did this one come from?? New Zelda? Drawing on the walls so it becomes a mini Paper Mario? In ZELDA? Using the basis of a Link To The Past??? AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.




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A Link to the Past 3DS

Wow, Nintendo has really learned how to roll out news with their Nintendo Direct videos. So if you’re a fan of Nintendo, it’s also a safe assumption that you’re a Zelda fan. And if you’re a Zelda fan, then your favorite game in the series is either 1991’s A Link to the Past or 1998’s Ocarina of Time. Well, the latter already received a 3DS remake when the console first launched, so guess what that means! That’s right, we’re getting a new shiny version of A Link to the Past for our 3DS. Even better though is the fact that this isn’t just a remake, it’s being developed as a SEQUEL set in the same universe. I know, I fell out of my seat when I first learned that as well, trust me!

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Luigi’s Mansion

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Nintendo of America has put up a product page for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon which states that the game will include a local multiplayer mode. Details regarding the multiplayer mode have yet to be formally announced by Nintendo. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to get all the details. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS on March 24th in North America.

With so many new places to explore, all new ways to capture ghosts, and a brand new local multiplayer mode, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is another star turn for Mario’s heroic brother—and it’s only on Nintendo 3DS.

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Rumour Mill – Nintendo Wii U On Your 3DS?

English: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here we have what everyone expected, in that the Nintendo 3DS may be getting a Nintendo Wii U adapter cartridge!

Wii U 3DS Adapter
One concept of the new adapter

The news was reported to the French Nintendo Masters by someone working on the next Final Fantasy game so at least we can say it came from a reputable source.

The Proposed Wii U 3DS Cartridge
The Proposed Wii U 3DS Cartridge

Here are the supposed plans for the patent application, they look pretty authentic to me!

I am personally excited about this one as I always wanted a reason to by the new 3DS, and now I have the perfect excuse hehe.

So come on Nintendo Japan, we are waiting for some world domination (again) please.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Coming To The Nintendo 3DS!

Our fave video game and hardware ledgends Nintendo have announced that it plans to re-launch the game that changed it all, Super Mario Bros. 3

Exclusively out in Japan on the V.C (Virtual Console) of the awesome 3DS handheld on 1st January 2013, to really bring in the New Year.

The holiday season is important to the Japanese and Nintendo is hoping that celebrations might include some gaming time with one of the best titles in the series, for the low price of ¥500 Yen, which is a little over $5 dollars or just under that in €Euro's.

We are unsure if Nintendo has plans to also bring Super Mario Bros. 3 to the VC service of the 3DS in the West at a later date but it looks promising :0)

Fans of Nintendo and The Super Mario franchise will more than likely take the (re) release as a good sign, in that the Japanese publisher and game genius has massive plans for the franchise on the 3DS, although the project has yet to be officially announced.

We can't wait :€{}