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Introducing My List Of Top Indie Game CrowdFunders.

I just saw a beautiful indie title called Don’t Kill Her on IndieGoGo and it has raised an amazing $8,000 is 11 days…

…It made me think, well golly gosh why don’t I give you a whole list of these hidden away indie titles?

Don’t Kill Her

Seeing as I preemptively mentioned the ill fated damsel, here you go:

So as you can see, this new one dev band has a talent for doodling, but not only that she can make awesome games.  Currently at 40% her target I feel that this one really could make it into the big bad gamedev world.

The Wild Eight

Now here we have another fantastic looking game that has a cool $59,699 in funding already and has smashed the target, of course it always helps to get more than your target to fulfill the added extras.

The Wild Eight tells the story of eight people whose normal lives are forever changed after a horrifically devastating plane crash.  They now find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere, deep in the forests of Alaska.  Welcome to a world without civilization, where you and the other survivors are at the mercy of nature — and wild animals starved by the cold!


An RPG from the Creators of Skullgirls, I have played the beta to this on the PS4 and WOW what amazing graphics and animation.  The mechanics were pretty awesome too and had some great little touches to the controls and some great side animations to add realism to the game.

Here is another video from the IndieGoGo page on how they animated Indivisible and Skull Girls

Immune Defense

You play the role of the pilot of a drone: a microbot that is the size of a while blood cell.  You summon white blood cells and use them to destroy the invading pathogens.  The invaders are pathogens such as E. coli, Staph, pneumonia, and coming later… Malaria, AIDS, SARS, Ebola, bird flu and Tuberculosis.

This game is great, what a brilliant concept and with great execution this one looks like a winner.  It has $11,105 already and doesn’t look like it’s slowing down.

Lil Tanks

Raised $2,087 so far with still to reach their $4,000 target.  This little pixel treat is an action packed, side scrolling shooter that puts you in control of a prototype tank defending humanity from the alien scourge known as The Cuur.

As Earth’s last hope, you must upgrade your tank with unique power-ups and blast the aliens back to where they came from! Level up by destroying The Cuur and earn powerful permanent upgrades. Unlock multiple tanks by completing objectives and finishing the campaign. The survival of the human race rests in your hands!

Ilios: Betrayal of Gods

Says it is a “AAA Indie game” which is a slight contradiction but I get it, this game looks fresh out of a professional studio.

Play as Polites, the last survivor of the Trojan War.  In his desire for revenge he wishes to find answers and eradicate the ones who destroyed the people he loved… Game of action and epic adventure, Ilios propels you into a mysterious and violent world where Polites will learn that the Gods are not what they claim to be.


Now this game looks like it already has had some proper attention and the level of detail clearly show that.  You play as Aryn Vance, who is accompanied by her friend, pilot John Kindley.  They are Salvage and Rescue operatives seeking old derelict spacecraft lost in time and in need of help.

During the game, John and Aryn set out on a routine salvage expedition of an unknown spacecraft reported to be somewhere in the Casiopea constellation.


In BioSupremacy, you play as the last remnant of a archaic alien civilization.  A multidimensional being has recovered some ancient DNA allowing him to create powerful creatures that now roam the universe looking to dominate every planet on sight.  Your duty is to stop them before they take control of the entire universe!


Now here is a real beauty, it really amazes me how people are able to come up with and then execute their game idea, I mean look at that artwork, just fab.

An ultra fast-paced first-person shooter featuring high-flying freedom of movement, physics-based weaponry, and impactful player choice. Fans of classic games like Tribes will feel right at home, while players new to the genre will experience a challenge that breaks the mold of traditional mass-produced shooters.


Click for full resolution

InSomnia is a dystopia with a dismal dieselpunk setting that takes place in a semi-deserted space metropolis. A real-time RPG, that focuses heavily on a non-linear plot in an open world, as well as on realistic combat mechanics.

The InSomnia Prologue is an introduction, where you’re playing as Typer – a possible future companion in the final game. The story of this chapter takes place a few days before your main character finds himself in a cryogenic chamber within the Urb.

So there you have it, only some of the hottest IndieDev games that are on their way to be crowdfunded, hope you enjoy them and please support if you have a spare few quid in your savings, or you could share this with your friends and help promote the developers.

Thanks for reading, until next time.


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