List Of Best Free Online Game Websites

Welcome to my top list of the Best Free Online Game Websites.

You can play free online games to your heart’s content, or until your fingers and eyes simultaneously break and you now have to go to game rehab (G-Hab?)  Here are some of the best websites to find free games online:


Addicting Games


Addicting Games is an all new and swooshy website, it has a nice feel to it and of course has many games to play for free.

Armor GamesArmour-Games

This free games site is made of tough armor, which is impervious to payment.

B GamesB-Games

B Games offer a nice selection of free games and some premium games too, go check em out.

Big Fish Gamesbig-fish-games

The Big Fish, one of the first free game websites out there, still going strong and offering some pretty awesome free online games.

Bored?  Well not anymore, because you have loads of games on offer to whittle the time away!

Candy Standflash-games-player

Candy Stand or Free Games Player is another splendid looking games site, offering loads of your fave genres and a load of IndieDev games too.

Crazy Monkey Gamescrazy-mokey-games

Crazy Monkey Games have a nice selection of free games, the homepage could be a little better organised, but there are some cool games in there.


Dead Whale has a nice feel to it too, I like the categories split up at the top so you can just switch as you please.

WOW just look at some of those games, I love the images used and the sizes are just right, go crazy in the FOG or free online games.

Free Gamesfree-games-online

Pretty self explanatory, what a touch getting that domain name, of course they top Google when you search for Free Games, they have a nice selection but I see a lot of puzzle games that involve gems…

Free Games Utopiafree-games-utopia

Marvel Heroes 2015 and a few nice 3D sim games are available from Free Games Utopia, very goood.


Game Node has a big selection of games, car games, action games, arcade games you name it and they have it.


Another fave and an oldie among the free game scene, a choice for many indie gamers and developers this one has much to offer.


MiniClip, a true legend in the gaming world, they have been near the top of the free online games erm, game, for decades.  You will deffo have a brilliant time with these lot.


Didn’t know bout these until the other day, some pretty cool looking games are on the homepage so take a peek at free game goodness.


Pogo is another one that has stood against time and lead the way in how to give away games for free.


Pop a Cap in them paid games and join the fun crew who have some pretty awesome free games available.


You know who these lot are, they started the flash games craze as they invented the first online flash type player.


Now I could only find like two games on this site, but boy what games they are!  Just go check em out, and … PHEW!


Cutting their teeth on the iPhone and iPad, Zynga are a massive games company who know how to make a good game.


So that’s it for my list of the best free games websites online, I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment if you have any suggestions of sites that I missed.

Until next time…

Cheers, RRB


#NES Legend Of #Zelda Remade In 3D And Java And You Can Play It NOW

So I found this in my feed today, an amazing reproduction of the original NES classic.  Marking the 30th anniversary, it is an amazingly detailed reproduction of a true great The Legend Of Zelda – was defo my fave NES title and is what started it all.

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Check it out at

[3D Realms] 3D Realms is giving my favorite childhood games away: Pharaoh’s Tomb, Monuments of Mars, Alien Carnage, Bio Menace + 3 more (Free with registration!) via /r/GameDeals

Can’t beat a bit of 3D Realms, bring on the freeness.

Choke! Your! Wallet!

[3D Realms] 3D Realms is giving my favorite childhood games away: Pharaoh’s Tomb, Monuments of Mars, Alien Carnage, Bio Menace + 3 more (Free with registration!)

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[Origin] The Sims 4 Holiday Celebration Pack (FREE) via /r/GameDeals

Not sure how long this will last. Grab a free Sims 4 expansion pack.

Choke! Your! Wallet!

[Origin] The Sims 4 Holiday Celebration Pack (FREE)

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[Amazon] A bunch of apps and games FREE on amazon via /r/GameDeals

Err, is a no brainier. We all love FREE games. Well done Amazon.

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[Amazon] A bunch of apps and games FREE on amazon

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12 games you really need to play, all made in Malaysia.

Games To Watch Out For

Developers from Malaysia are converging in Cyberjaya this weekend for the Astro #GOInnovate conference. There’s going to be a mobile game showcase, keynotes and panels by industry figures, and even a hackathon. Malaysia is home to some pretty awesome games and there’s no doubt that several more will be given life this weekend.

In the meantime, here are 12 Malaysian games you really need to play.

Protect Teddy


Developed by Penang’s Dilectus Games, Protect Teddy is an endless runner with a combat feature. The titular Teddy has escaped his castle home and is gallivanting through a very dangerous world, and it’s up to you, his trusty knight to keep him safe from harm. Your task is to slice and dice up baddies as they hone in on Teddy, who flies onward with a magical leaf. Combined with a catchy soundtrack, cute visuals, and addictive gameplay with attractive in-game rewards, Protect Teddy is a game you shouldn’t miss. It’s available on iOS.

The Dreamcatcher


Developed by Sunnyside Interactive, a graduate from the 1337 Accelerator, this arcade-style game for the iPad may at first seem like it’s made for kids, but playing on will show you otherwise. It’s a gesture-based romp through a wild, nightmarish world, wherein you are the hero tasked with keeping evil at bay. Dreamcatcher is available for the iPad only so if you don’t have one, just check our review out.


If you identify as a “maso-core” gamer, then Velocibox is right up your alley. A running game unlike any other we’ve seen, Velocibox needs quick reflexes and a strong stomach from its players. The game’s objective is to get this one box through a series of corridors littered with obstacles, all at terminal velocity—hence its name. Velocibox is available on Steam and will eventually make it to the PS Vita.

(See: Velocibox in action at Casual Connect Asia 2014)

King’s League: Odyssey

If you enjoy management sims, but need more of a challenge than running your own restaurant or farm, the strategy sim King’s League: Odyssey may be just the game for you. Developed by Kurechii Studio, King’s League: Odyssey has you training up a team of knights to take on the king himself in a bout of royal joust. This premium game is highly polished and will provide you with several good hours of fun. King’s League: Odyssey is available on Android, iOS, and on your browser.

Doctor Life

This is a hospital management sim unlike any other. While as cute and expansive as the Theme Hospital we all know and love, Doctor Life one-ups the classic by including tons of content taken from the real world. Expect to see actual diseases and to be able to learn about them in-game, on top of managing your very own hospital filled with smiling doctors and nurses. Developed by WIGU Games, Doctor Life is available for iOS.

Agent RX

Now this is a really cool game. 1337 Accelerator graduate Undercover Entertainment’s Agent RX makes use of touchscreen gestures to provide you with a truly native iOS experience—think Metal Gear Solid, but for mobile. You’re a secret operative in Agent RX, who has to solve puzzles in order to recover the floating fortress, ARIES. This top-down stealth game was even paired with the Oculus Rift at Casual Connect Asia 2013! It’s available on iOS, or you could also read our review.

Tell No One

Tell No One is a PC horror game in development. Created by the 1337 Accelerator’s Spacepup Entertainment, Tell No One is a freaky first-person exercise in scaring people to death. It’s the first PC horror game to be developed in Malaysia, too, and the local press went bananas over it when it was first revealed. There’s only a short five minute demo of it out now, but that was terrifying enough that I played with only half an eye open. Tell No One is sort of on hiatus now as Spacepup Entertainment works on its adventure game Boboiboy. Try the demo here, or read about what we thought of it.

Jump Smash Legend

Development studio Mediasoft’s Jump Smash series is the badminton equivalent of FIFA and NBA 2K. It’s that damn good. The Jump Smashmobile games from 2013 and 2014 have been Mediasoft’s first steps towards building a world-class sports game franchise, and boy, are they huge. If you’re a badminton fan and you own a mobile device, just play this. You won’t regret it. Jump Smash Legend is the latest version in the series, and is available for Android and iOS

(See: Forget NBA 2K and FIFA, Jump Smash is the next big video game sports franchise out of Asia.)

Vertical Drop Heroes HD

This is a procedurally-generated platforming RPG with roguelike elements. What’s not to love? The adorable Vertical Drop Heroes HD is an updated version of the original Vertical Drop Heroes and while it’s not the most visually-impressive game ever, it’s a lot of fun. There are LAN co-op and split-screen local co-op modes, and it costs just RM 17, or about $5.20. Vertical Drop Heroes HD was developed by the Sarawak-based Nerdook, and is on Steam. We’ve also reviewed it on Games in Asia


I was part of the horde that went into a frenzy over EA’s Spore, but what I loved most about the game was its first stage, where you were an amoeba swimming around eating up other amoebas. Lightopus from Appxplore brings back that magic of swimming in an unknown sea. As the lightopus, you’ve got to break open egg sacs to release fry, who then help keep you safe from other monsters. It’s a very soothing game with just enough challenge to keep things interesting, and boy, it’s also gorgeous to boot. Try it on Android and iOS.

Alien Hivealienhive

Also from Appxplore, Alien Hive is a sliding puzzle where you must combine tiles to evolve different aliens. It’s got a very zen vibe to it, a lot like Lightopus mentioned above. Moves in each Alien Hive grid are governed by energy, which can be replenished by combining crystal tiles. Overall this game can last for as long as you want, with no time limit on how long you take to make your next move. The aliens you nurture are adorable, from their salmon-like eggs to their strange adult forms. Try it on Androidand iOS.

Bonus: Ballistic Wars


Developed by Easy Only! Games about seven years ago, Ballistic Wars is a flash game that combines the physics of browser-based pool games with Advance Wars. You’re in charge of ball-shaped soldiers who must attack and take down bombs laid by a mad professor. Ballistic Wars is definitely dated, but is also pretty fun. Give it a go here.

We’re sure these aren’t the only awesome games developed in Malaysia, especially since most of these games were developed in the western part of the country. If you’re a game dev with an awesome new game, reach out to us at news[at]gamesinasia[dot]com! We’d be happy to try your game out.

See: 17 famous games you didn’t know were made (or partially made) in Singapore

(KL skyline image)

Free PC Games 2013

Some free PC Games Download 2013



we kick off the blog with some free PC games, either download or play online:



Description: Use your rope to swing your way through each level. Try not to lose any limbs along the way!

Arrow keys L/R to swing
Spacebar to release and throw rope
Arrow keys U/D to move on rope




Snail Bob 3

Description: Snail Bob has been transported to Ancient Egypt! Click and interact with objects to safely guide Bob through each level.



TrackMania Forever


This game has a free and a paid version, download the free version below.


Description:First and foremost, you simply drive on fun tracks boosting ramps, wallrides, loopings and gigantic jumps.Then you can make much more out of it: improve your driving skills and become a world champion, achieve world records, build tracks, edit videos and easily share all that…

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The Best Free PC Games For 2013

A nice little collection of Free PC games for 2013

Ninety Nine Percent Gaming

Donutttt brings us the definitive list.

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