Injustice 2 – CONFIRMED (Leaked) #Injustice2 #DCuniverse

Someone leaked the details so now you can read it officially on Sony’s blog.

Injustice 2 is coming to ps4 in 2017

The 2013 DC Comics fighter was a massive success and has had a massive revamp, check it out.

Ohhh doesn’t it look good?!?  I love how dark they are making the hero’s which sets the tone for the imminent battles that will commence.

the first injustice. Photo: netherRealm

NetherRealm have introduced some new game mechanics including a brand new Gear System, allowing players to build their own custom Superman or build their own Batman and more conclusively, their whole Injustice Universe.


Massive Boost For PC Gaming As Hardware Market Hit $21.5 Billion in 2014/2015

Last year the PC Hardware Gaming Market was Twice The Size Of Console Hardware Sales!


Selling $21.5 Billion (£13.9 Billion) in one year, it is a fact that can not be ignored, not by anyone who is interested in gaming.

If you want to read the report – it’s here along with several other interesting reports of the games industry

Until next time.



Nintendo Finally Makes A REAL Profit In Four Years #Nintendo #2015 #profit

Nintendo 2015 Profits
Nintendo 2015 Profits

So Nintendo have announced that they have actually made some money this year!

They have made 41.8 billion yen which is about £230 million ($351 million)

I never lost faith in the Nin of Ten, from Do Land.

They may still be third in the market but less we not forget who rescued Atari’s mess in the 80’s and is still going.

My first console (NES) changed my life and I am forever in debt, as consoles and games rule my life.

Keep it up Ninters, let’s see what the mobile/tablet markets will bring.



A detailed look at the video game level design in ‘Super Mario 3D World’

Cheers guys. Go Team Yellow.


Pocket Gamer editor Mark Brown takes a detailed look at the video game level design in Super Mario 3D World to explain the four-step design process.

Super Mario 3D World is a game of excess and abundance. But Nintendo has developed a reusable level design structure that allows for ideas to be properly taught and established, in about five minutes flat.

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Top 10 Game Review Websites #gamereview #appreview

top 10 game review websites

Top 10 Game Review Websites

Yo yo yo, while I am doing all of my lists for my future endeavors, here is a very quick but great list of top App/Game Review Websites, maybe I’ll do a review on them, see how they like it hehe:

  1. AppCraver


  3. Apple iPhone School

  4. 148apps

  5. AppVee

  6. iUseThis

  7. iPhoneApplicationList


  9. TUAW

  10. TodayiniOS

Maybe I shouldn’t have said top ten, I have no real preference, again when I review em, I might just rank them :o)

New Indie Game – Demented

New Indie Game Demented Logo

So I just saw a Brand New Indie Game called Demented and it is pretty darn good looking.

The first ‘sort of’ trailer went LIVE recently – here it is:

As you can see, it is only a sneak preview but the feel and little subtle movements are sound as a pound and I like it, what do you recon?  Feel free to comment below, you do not have to be a Member, just have an opinion.

 New Indie Game Demented

You can check out the Indie Dev’s site here at

Driving simulators at school

This is a great thing, never had this at my school (700 years ago? lol)
Bring on the techvolution. Great post.

LAVREB Laboratory of Virtual Reality and Economic Behavior


Everyone should learn to drive in a simulator

Georgia native Luke Pye was 18 years old, driving with his high school girlfriend on the highway when a van cut him off. He reacted by turning his wheel toward the guardrail, avoiding the surrounding cars and oncoming traffic. The situation could have played out in many different ways that afternoon. The couple could’ve been among the more than 41,000 people to lose their lives to car crashes in the US that year in 2007. Instead, they walked away with only a couple of bruises. Today, they’re married and have a four-month-old son. Pye credits his good fortune in large part to a driving simulator. “Driving on the simulator at my high school taught me to keep calm and think clearly in stressful situations,” he says. …[READ]

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[Steam] Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Free Multiplayer Weekend and 25% off) via /r/GameDeals

Nice! For all you COD fans, very nice just before Christmas.

Choke! Your! Wallet!

[Steam] Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Free Multiplayer Weekend and 25% off)

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‘The Father of Video Games’ Ralph Baer Dies At 92

Ralph Baer Dies

Had to repost this one. The father indeed, most people will not even know Ralph. RIP Ralph Baer.

Another Castle

Ralph Baer, the inventor often dubbed “the father of video games,” died at the age of 92 on December 6, 2014 at his New Hampshire home. Baer created the very first home console video game system in the early 1970s, which was licensed and sold as the Magnavox Odyssey and had games like Table Tennis.

Born in 1922 into a Jewish family in Germany, Baer’s family emigrated to New York in 1938 with the young Ralph eventually working in a leather factory. Described by Gamespot as “a lifelong inventor,” an adult Baer, while working as an engineer, came up with the idea for a device allowing games to be played on television. Later, he created the famous electronic game Simon. In 2006, he was awarded the National Medal of Technology. In 2008, he received the Game Developers Choice Pioneer Award.

Source: The New York Times; Gamasutra; Gamespot


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