Indie Game Review – Springee

  Springee is a new 2D platformer on iOS and Android devices – sprung into life by debut developer “Kronbex Team”. Springee The Game features a pretty sweet “digital-sketchy” graphic style, and a new kind of hero… …Yes you are in charge of a very clever SPRING, who has been sucked up by the evil Junk Collector Minions in thier massive Dyson-a-like. “Making a challenging yet fun … Continue reading Indie Game Review – Springee

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition

Originally posted on Vox of Vox:
So, I’m taking, yet another, look at Resident Evil 4. This time, it’s a recently released HD edition for PC with updated graphics, the option for 60fps, and better mouse and keyboard controls. Does that help its case when it comes to me hating this game? Well, let’s see. It’s Definitely Better I can say that much, at least.… Continue reading Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition

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Titanfall Review

Originally posted on The Gaming Preview:
“One of the smoothest first person shooter games I have ever played” There isn’t much you can do in the First Person Shooter genre that hasn’t already been done, which means making a unique experience hard to come by. While Respawn’s Titanfall didn’t exactly revolutionize FPS games they were able to make it a unique experience which in turn… Continue reading Titanfall Review

top 10 game review websites

Top 10 Game Review Websites #gamereview #appreview

Top 10 Game Review Websites Yo yo yo, while I am doing all of my lists for my future endeavors, here is a very quick but great list of top App/Game Review Websites, maybe I’ll do a review on them, see how they like it hehe: AppCraver iPhoneAppReviews.net Apple iPhone School 148apps AppVee iUseThis iPhoneApplicationList AppStoreApps.com TUAW TodayiniOS Maybe I shouldn’t have said top ten, … Continue reading Top 10 Game Review Websites #gamereview #appreview