The best iOS app sales/freebies for the holidays: GTA, Day One, Infinity Blade, Rayman, Tweetbot, Batman, many more

WOW, someone has been busy. What a list. Anyone with vouchers to spend MUST check out this list, even if you buy some more and get 15% off, thank you.


‘Game Dev Story’ Gets First New Update in More than 3 Years, Fixes Resolution on New iPhones

Woohooo what wicked news, I think it’s £2.99 on the Apple Store go search for it, you indie devs ya.

Better in 2D

One of the true App Store classics is Kairosoft’s 2010 release ofGame Dev Story [$4.99], which was pretty much just a simple port of a game that they originally released on PC in Japan in the late ’90s. It wasn’t the prettiest game, nor did it have any fancy features that took advantage of iOS’s capabilities. What it did have was an unparalleled gaming experience that let you create your own fictional game company and release your own fictional games. The amount of tongue-in-cheek humor and video game cultural references was incredible, and the game itself was a very satisfying simulation. The game’s popularity prompted Kairosoft to release a multitude of similar simulations for mobile devices, and while many of them are quite good there’s really nothing that’s topped Game Dev Story.

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‘Love You to Bits’ is the Upcoming Spiritual Successor to ‘Tiny Thief’

Love you to Bits - Tiny Thief 2

Loved Tiny Thief, so cute and it did not feel like a point n click game it had so much to offer I can’t wait.

Better in 2D

If you enjoyed Tiny Thief [Free], then you need to get excited for the upcoming Love You to Bits. It’s a collaboration between and Alike Studio, which is comprised of former members of 5Ants, the developer of Tiny Thief, and appears to be a bit of a spiritual sequel to that beloved game. This is a point-and-click adventure game, where players control an oddly-hatted adventurer, spanning the cosmos to rescue his robot girlfriend who got blown to bits. Check out the trailer:

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Review: Cash King – Islands On The iPhone.

So I haven’t done a review in forever and the game designers who created Cash King – Islands for iPhone had asked me to download and review it, so I did. Cash King Islands is a fun free-to-play, multiplayer game, where you spin a wheel for cash and prizes, in order to conquer and build exotic islands.

First off, I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t have even given the game a chance as I usually do not play spin the wheel/chance games as frankly I hate losing and have no control over where it lands, therefore rendering me feeling helpless, angry and robbed 😁. However….. Here is a game made with love and it shows in buckets.

So after reading two paragraphs, what is the aim of the game you say? Well you are given your very own island and you start off with 50 free spins on the wheel of chance. After each spin of the wheel there are different cash amounts which add to your booty of cash after each spin. You can also attack and steal cash from other players and your Facebook friends, if you land on attack when spun.

Steal from your richest fellow pirates, when you attack an island you have a choice out of three, only one of them is the Cash King (one with the most money).

You can attack a number of items on the island, you can sink the ship, blow up the house/shack and many many more items on their island. Be very careful though as they can get revenge when they attack because there is an option to return the favour and rob you blind, plus smash you into oblivion.
You can spend your hard spun cash on a number of things to add to your island, I haven’t even touched the surface on this yet as there are so many things!

The game is beautiful and has a lot to offer, it has great immersive sounds with crisp graphics, a true surprise and it has taught me once again to always give all games a chance.

Features Include:
– Amazing 3D real-time environment.
– Attack and steal from Facebook friends and random players around the world.
– Choose your own custom pirate avatars and flags.
– Wide range of islands and items to buy.
– Daily bonus mini-game.
– And much more…

Go check it out, you get 50 free spins and then more every hour so that should be enough to get addicted on.

Apple iPad, Under The Sea?


It had to happen. An all purpose iPad case that keeps even water out!

If you're into the great outdoors – or work in demanding conditions – you need technology that won't let you down.

On the water or at the beach, on the rough trail or in the field. Lifedge definitely goes where you go, whatever you're doing.

They claim that Lifedge keeps your iPad safe and dry while you work, ride, trek or even explore.

Their leading edge design uses the very best in materials technology to deliver a peak performance under even the harshest conditions.

Take a look on


  • 100% Waterproof. Shockproof.
  • Anti-glare screen for sunlight viewing.
  • Total functionality of touchscreen, Wi-Fi and cameras.
  • Compact case for everyday protection.
  • Exceptional sound transmission.
  • Comfortable handstrap for ease of use.


Cool Retro: Game Boy iPhone 4 Case


Did you ever play a Nintendo Game Boy when you were young?

Dress up your iPhone as a Nintendo Game Boy to bring back those memory’s of the past

This retro case will take you on a journey back to your golden childhood.

Made of durable silicone material, it has all of the holes and such for your camera, volume/mute/lock buttons. The realistic looking buttons are designed to break the hearts of vintage gaming massive.

With easy access to ports and buttons it has shock absorbable and anti-bump for the best protection of your device.

Compatible with your Apple iPhone4 or less

You can get it here

Cheap little camera phone tripod: Glif for iPhone 5


The Glif is a simple iPhone 4/S and 5 accessory with two primary functions:

Mounting your iPhone onto a tripod

Taking great, steady pictures on your new iPhone 4/S or 5.

I love the design, it matches the sleek design of Apples little wonder and you can take great pictures with a steady camera.

You can buy it from Fancy here


Another great story from Howard Simpson. I did not know this! Get to your Apple iPhone settings immediately.


Howard Simpson

In iOS6, tracking is on by default and allows advertisers to track and target users.  You have to explicitly turn it off if you don’t want advertisers to see what you’re up to.  The tracking control is found under General -> About -> Advertising in the Settings menu.  It’s called Limit Ad Tracking and it must be turned ON not OFF.

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