How To Play Terraria PC – Beginner Walkthrough Tutorial 1

Excellent beginners guide to Tarraria for the PC. I REALLY did not like pixel graphics as I thought it was a step back, but now I am in love with what you can do with pixels, it’s just astounding.


‘Love You to Bits’ is the Upcoming Spiritual Successor to ‘Tiny Thief’

Love you to Bits - Tiny Thief 2

Loved Tiny Thief, so cute and it did not feel like a point n click game it had so much to offer I can’t wait.

Better in 2D

If you enjoyed Tiny Thief [Free], then you need to get excited for the upcoming Love You to Bits. It’s a collaboration between and Alike Studio, which is comprised of former members of 5Ants, the developer of Tiny Thief, and appears to be a bit of a spiritual sequel to that beloved game. This is a point-and-click adventure game, where players control an oddly-hatted adventurer, spanning the cosmos to rescue his robot girlfriend who got blown to bits. Check out the trailer:

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Free PC Games 2013

Some free PC Games Download 2013



we kick off the blog with some free PC games, either download or play online:



Description: Use your rope to swing your way through each level. Try not to lose any limbs along the way!

Arrow keys L/R to swing
Spacebar to release and throw rope
Arrow keys U/D to move on rope




Snail Bob 3

Description: Snail Bob has been transported to Ancient Egypt! Click and interact with objects to safely guide Bob through each level.



TrackMania Forever


This game has a free and a paid version, download the free version below.


Description:First and foremost, you simply drive on fun tracks boosting ramps, wallrides, loopings and gigantic jumps.Then you can make much more out of it: improve your driving skills and become a world champion, achieve world records, build tracks, edit videos and easily share all that…

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The Best Free PC Games For 2013

A nice little collection of Free PC games for 2013

Ninety Nine Percent Gaming

Donutttt brings us the definitive list.

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