Wii Game Phantom Brave Coming To Steam In July — My Nintendo News

Good old My Nintendo News, never saw this coming. NIS America is proud to announce that Phantom Brave PC will be arriving on Steam this July! The original release for the PlayStation 2 launched on January 22nd, 2004. Twelve years later, the game is now back in all its glory as a PC release! The port is based off the Wii release , Phantom Brave: […] … Continue reading Wii Game Phantom Brave Coming To Steam In July — My Nintendo News


5 Top Indie Games To Come #Indiegamer #gamedesign

  This is just an edit on the original post…. I must have been having a mad Sunday! Here is a small list of Indie Games that I felt the need to share, as I just love all Indie games and feel like one of the gaming disciples who has been sent here to spread all of the IndieDev and IndieGame news to the world. … Continue reading 5 Top Indie Games To Come #Indiegamer #gamedesign

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Top 10 Indie Games 2016

In no real order, some of the great indie games to expect in 2016. The Witness The Witness is one of those games that comes along every 10 years or so, Jonathan Blow the absolute genius and the mastermind behind Braid is a two game indie developer who, after the crazy success of his last Kickstarter should now be taken very seriously.  Set on a massive island it features 650 puzzles … Continue reading Top 10 Indie Games 2016


Yahoo Games Closes It’s Doors.

I have just found out that the most visited and top ranking games site, Yahoo Games is shutting down it’s servers… Well at least the part of the server which games designers and game publishers can sell their games and game content. Yahoo Games are keeping their servers open so if you purchased content this will still be available but man there must be some pretty … Continue reading Yahoo Games Closes It’s Doors.


Indie Game Review – Springee

  Springee is a new 2D platformer on iOS and Android devices – sprung into life by debut developer “Kronbex Team”. Springee The Game features a pretty sweet “digital-sketchy” graphic style, and a new kind of hero… …Yes you are in charge of a very clever SPRING, who has been sucked up by the evil Junk Collector Minions in thier massive Dyson-a-like. “Making a challenging yet fun … Continue reading Indie Game Review – Springee